Monday, December 13, 2010

I missed this…

Ok still somewhat on a drawing hiatus (well not for comissions) but after a quite decent brainstorming session with Maria I found time to scribble something for myself.

A friends and my "プ−ペ" (just_don't_ask) because I can. Brushpen and PS:

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

You are now leaving the magic circle

Game Lab 2.0 is over! I had so much fun - even though it is exhausting like hell - going to college never felt that nerdy BD!
Again I worked together with Maria for good reasons, I have no idea how I could survive without her ever. The last time we did a board game (you can still find the link in my blog) so we tried something different this time. First she hit on the idea to do a card game - what a glorious impulse for our creativity! We discussed the topic of self fulling prophecys and how beeing paranoid will always lead to defeat in the end - thinking never felt that good, in fact these subjects are quite personal for me after all (as much as I try to avoid personal things in my college-work).

In the end we produced "N°9" a game of strategy :D
Have some pictures from our dummy (by Maria, I had bo time to take photos :C) now:

I'd love to enhence it some more or to find a publisher maybe.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Danger - handle with care

I´m slightly depressed atm it appears to be a good chance that I can´t go to a proper nude drawing class next semester, artsyness is occupying my university. I wouldn´t mind but it turned out that art doesn´t equal skill anymore.

To change the subject, I started some colored storyboard tests and after talking to Maria for a while I´m considering to animate my movie in a equal style. No neat lines anymore but blocky colors... still thinking.

Any suggestions?

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Stuff for school and a little something I enjoyed.

I pretty badly screwed my monitor settings up a few days ago so I have NO idea how the colors will look like, I really need to get this thing calibrated soon.

Semester is ending soon so I´m all busy with finishing my assignments - three done, five to go, but I´m quite positive it will turn out allright. The only class that worries me is Animation atm since I´m far behind the others. Vacations will be exhausting, six (?) weeks to finish my very first shortmovie/storyboard/some other less interesting stuff that has to be done nevertheless.
And suddenly a bunch of very distracting things appear around me... straaange.

Tomorrow I´ll attend my last lifedrawing class, our current teacher has to quit so this will be the last time he will guide us - frustration is crawling up within me. It´s a fucking pity I really grew to like him and his methods and I´m worried about who will do this class next semester or rather will there be a next time?
Anyway I felt like showing you the insides of my portfolio:

my favorite piece:

Last monday we (what equals Maria and me) had one of these artsy class presantations. I have to admit: these courses are ridiculous pointless but awfully funny. We (Maria, me and her sister Maya for emotionally support) wasted hours watching random/bad/funny/sometimes even good movies in between work and talking nonesense.
Have some pictures from the crime scene:

The victims are Maya - "Death Becomes her" and our project "Edward" (woah guess the reference) in a early stage while getting paunched BD.

Sadly I don´t have ANY pictures of the finished thing but the last time my camera saw him he looked quite healthy

Later we (what equals Maria since I was busy watching football) equipped him with some legs.
I miss you little guy D:

I already told you about my animation project, still the assignment is "Pinocchio" and I finally finished his character design. Nothing to exciting about it but I´m really happy there isn´t much anime relief showing through plus: it is simple enough to get animated.
My little rascal <3

Ok enough serious business for now!
At the close of this entry have random face I´m currently working on (playing with colors):

AND most important the little something I really enjoyed. Got my hands on my old brushpen again, I´d love to do a comic ar at least some real illustration this way.

//back to work and wasting time.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Quick Update - again

Just found out that Maria blogged some pictures of our work for the last semesters "gamelab",
it is a board game, our topic was "medicine" :D

the link to her blog - in German

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Nothing too special (and the designs are just boring), but I said I may upload some stuff from school once in a while and since I like the drawing not as concept but rather a good-morning scribble that isn´t too "animuish" here we go:

The assignment was/still is "Pinocchio" - if you wonder about the rabbit, in one chapter the brat declines to drink his medicine so death awaits and is portrayed by... yeah BUNNYS, black bunnys who carry a little coffin.
Isn´t that adorable?

And some Thumbnails for the Blue Fairy...

: )

Monday, April 12, 2010

My new roomie is a medic!

She moved in 2 hours ago - and I had NO idea. When the bells were ringing I thought: "Awesome once in a lifetime I get my mail!", you may imagine my disappointment.
I´m still stunned.

Anyway, lifedrawings again. The model was way to pretty to portray her in a proper way. After 15minutes loose sketching I had to surpress the desire to run into a wall...drwoned it in coffee.

I wonder if I´m just blogging as an excuse to torture myself with English grammar...

Friday, March 26, 2010

BIG live drawing dump

Last Thursday was simply awesome! I had my very first nude drawing lesson, I went there thinking it would be just another enrollment for this semester but it turned out to be a first real lesson. Clever me brought scetchbook... otherwise I would´ve been disappointed to death.
The teacher is really nice and YOUNG at first I thought the model would be our instructor - well after his pants touched the ground I was pretty sure this guy won´t teach a thing.
Anyway, sketches - like A LOT (all under 10 minutes couldn´t focus, needed to draw as much as possible, so I used the 15minute poses for a bunch of 30 second ones) it is by far not all but the few ones I like the most:

...and I was bored once at a really pointless "fine"art-lesson

And for the brave one who stayed through the whole post:

My Granny <3 no Idea how old I was, I could write so... around 5-8? dunno
She is eaten by... a holy leech!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


CAPS LOCK for the sake of it!
Just received a mail from one of my lecturer, he´s ill so from now on I can consider myself FREE.
And what is probably the best way to celebrate that? Drawing of course - damn I missed that, these last days were hell...

From fresh to Mesozoic :O

Drew this just now - idk around 20 minutes

Secret-santa-thingy, people told me tales about something they called "anatomy"...mysteriously! (click for fullview)
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...used to be more grayish and dark, preferred that, people didn´t liked, changed it, me don´t like anymore (my english teacher died this very moment ._.).

Mr. Hitchcock, dedicated to Maria.
jeeeeez I hate him.


All for now - I feel a little more alive than usual.