Tuesday, July 27, 2010

You are now leaving the magic circle

Game Lab 2.0 is over! I had so much fun - even though it is exhausting like hell - going to college never felt that nerdy BD!
Again I worked together with Maria for good reasons, I have no idea how I could survive without her ever. The last time we did a board game (you can still find the link in my blog) so we tried something different this time. First she hit on the idea to do a card game - what a glorious impulse for our creativity! We discussed the topic of self fulling prophecys and how beeing paranoid will always lead to defeat in the end - thinking never felt that good, in fact these subjects are quite personal for me after all (as much as I try to avoid personal things in my college-work).

In the end we produced "N°9" a game of strategy :D
Have some pictures from our dummy (by Maria, I had bo time to take photos :C) now:

I'd love to enhence it some more or to find a publisher maybe.


  1. das schaut ja schwer interessant aus! how does it wooork

  2. An sich in bisschen wie vier gewinnt, du setzt vorgegebene Zeichen durch Kombination der transparenten Würfel zusammen um den Gegner zu schlagen, mit vielen netten Zusatzregeln aber das sind so die Basics :)

  3. klingt schick :D wenn ihr das echt irgendwie auf den markt befördert´s möcht ich bitte ein bisschen sponsern