Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Rather Small Animation Update

Hello once again, it's been a while but that's the way my boat floats (doesn't this sound ancient to native speakers?). Anyways the only things I was able to create these last weeks has been solely uni related stuff, boring, uninspired, old and hell aren't these great reasons to share it with the world?

So here we go, snippets from my motion design class.
First assignment to get into that class was to create a short film over a week while using an object "outside it's normal usage". I had some fish swimming in a light bulb…

All the frames in one picture:
…and it's moving:
The finished thing is ugly so I won't show it :P.

The week after that our next assignment: Two weeks for a 20 second film about "rgb" (rgb was to be interpreted any way we wanted).


My main character:

…beeing classy:

And some stills:

As you might've noticed mine was some crude stop motion-digital-traditional-mash up.

And this weeks task we had to do a fake image spot for any produkt we wanted - 3 weeks, I like the little critters (oh what is sleep…), stills:

Now I have to face a one-week break till my next assignment (for this class that is…).
As a bonus have my desktop during the last project (all the relevant things are marked):

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Time to say goodbye

Oh Pinocchio I'm seriously going to miss you. Finally finished, not for the class it was initially planned, neither the way I would've liked it to be in the end, but I found a way to make at least something out of it.
A seamless-fanfold-comic-zine-thingy!
Pity I couldn't photograph it before submitting but you're going to see some pictures of the real thing as soon as my semester starts again. For now have this:

Showing my university stuff online feels oddly… odd.
Btw, I have a website now: Congratulations! It's a portfolio!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Linien die so bleiben wie sie sind.

This week's homework is done and one thing it tought me is that I have no idea how I look…
It's not like I'm narcissistic or anything:

Painter, ink and drawing nip (saji pen), Artgrage, Copic (markers), acrylics, ink again with calligraphy pen and some screentones, back to Photoshop for the last one.

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And an illustration for my screenprinting class:

This one is huge and was hella time consuming so leave me sulking in my corner since I'm still not exactly happy with it.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Ok it's official: I simply love drawing and will never enjoy anything that is graphic design related as much…
(+this semester I'm doing a basic illustration class again and our teacher is amazing! I'm still all high tension 'n stuff.)

And since I don't do anything despite uni/work-stuff have homework-poop (nah just kidding, in fact I like this one quite a bit):

(Illustration for a headline: "Applejünger ohne Jobs" - "Apple disciples without Jobs")

For next week's class we're going to draw a self portrait each day, first day: painter

(I had to challange myself with this task, I'll try to do every portrait in a different medium.)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

And still not ginger!

Have a quick warm-up self portrait, an attempt on natural colors.

And a Van-Gogh styled Amy 'cause deep down I'm just a fangirl (and "Vincent and the Doctor" was fantastic!):

Sunday, October 23, 2011

New semester

And once again I'm telling myself: "This year is going to be SO different!" indeed things are going well atm - hoping for continuity.

Best so far:
1. Got into that damn screen printing class
2. Can speak English all day without getting weird looks (thank you, you lovely little exchange students!)
3. New reasons to use my sketchbook (and therefore this blog) again

Here we go:

Friend on floor and chick from mind with words that are totally not some lyrics from a Japanese boyband song…

What I do in writing classes… can't blame me, that teacher has such an interesting face! (And do I need to mention the coat?)

As you can see I'm full of energy and motivation! More to come.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

One in a million

Unrelated title is unrelated.

I finished the comission and since it came out likeable and has been posted everywhere have some spam for this place too:

…and progression shots cause people seem to love these:

go there since I'm too lazy to resize it for my blog right now

For the final some Emma 'cause I love this girl and she's a princess. Period.