Tuesday, July 27, 2010

You are now leaving the magic circle

Game Lab 2.0 is over! I had so much fun - even though it is exhausting like hell - going to college never felt that nerdy BD!
Again I worked together with Maria for good reasons, I have no idea how I could survive without her ever. The last time we did a board game (you can still find the link in my blog) so we tried something different this time. First she hit on the idea to do a card game - what a glorious impulse for our creativity! We discussed the topic of self fulling prophecys and how beeing paranoid will always lead to defeat in the end - thinking never felt that good, in fact these subjects are quite personal for me after all (as much as I try to avoid personal things in my college-work).

In the end we produced "N°9" a game of strategy :D
Have some pictures from our dummy (by Maria, I had bo time to take photos :C) now:

I'd love to enhence it some more or to find a publisher maybe.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Danger - handle with care

I´m slightly depressed atm it appears to be a good chance that I can´t go to a proper nude drawing class next semester, artsyness is occupying my university. I wouldn´t mind but it turned out that art doesn´t equal skill anymore.

To change the subject, I started some colored storyboard tests and after talking to Maria for a while I´m considering to animate my movie in a equal style. No neat lines anymore but blocky colors... still thinking.

Any suggestions?