Thursday, June 23, 2011

My grey sunny day

I'm staying inside today trying to get things done but I can't motivate myself the way I'd wished to… so… it's BLOGGING time. Wohoo.

A few weeks ago I made myself a schedule of what projects to be finished this semester, like this (on my door)

Somehow I don't feel like it changed much these days…


8 hour for 7 seconds - Animation. Story of my life. It looked like this (very low frame rate):

And since I used charcoal my room smelled easily inflammable and I saw rainbows all my cheap hairspray is gone.

1/3 of the backgrounds I did (and still need to do) for another animation.

There is one more picture I'd like to show but I'm still discussing with myself…

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Walking one step at a time

And I will not continue using lyrics for my titles at a frequent rate - I promise, this is the exception. (maybe)

I drew (non-fanart) wohoo!


Anything but the way I wanted it to become… have Deviantart link for a change.

We're not finished yet! I'm starting to love this commission, so much fun and shiney colors.

I'm no good at big words…