Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Stuff for school and a little something I enjoyed.

I pretty badly screwed my monitor settings up a few days ago so I have NO idea how the colors will look like, I really need to get this thing calibrated soon.

Semester is ending soon so I´m all busy with finishing my assignments - three done, five to go, but I´m quite positive it will turn out allright. The only class that worries me is Animation atm since I´m far behind the others. Vacations will be exhausting, six (?) weeks to finish my very first shortmovie/storyboard/some other less interesting stuff that has to be done nevertheless.
And suddenly a bunch of very distracting things appear around me... straaange.

Tomorrow I´ll attend my last lifedrawing class, our current teacher has to quit so this will be the last time he will guide us - frustration is crawling up within me. It´s a fucking pity I really grew to like him and his methods and I´m worried about who will do this class next semester or rather will there be a next time?
Anyway I felt like showing you the insides of my portfolio:

my favorite piece:

Last monday we (what equals Maria and me) had one of these artsy class presantations. I have to admit: these courses are ridiculous pointless but awfully funny. We (Maria, me and her sister Maya for emotionally support) wasted hours watching random/bad/funny/sometimes even good movies in between work and talking nonesense.
Have some pictures from the crime scene:

The victims are Maya - "Death Becomes her" and our project "Edward" (woah guess the reference) in a early stage while getting paunched BD.

Sadly I don´t have ANY pictures of the finished thing but the last time my camera saw him he looked quite healthy

Later we (what equals Maria since I was busy watching football) equipped him with some legs.
I miss you little guy D:

I already told you about my animation project, still the assignment is "Pinocchio" and I finally finished his character design. Nothing to exciting about it but I´m really happy there isn´t much anime relief showing through plus: it is simple enough to get animated.
My little rascal <3

Ok enough serious business for now!
At the close of this entry have random face I´m currently working on (playing with colors):

AND most important the little something I really enjoyed. Got my hands on my old brushpen again, I´d love to do a comic ar at least some real illustration this way.

//back to work and wasting time.