Friday, March 26, 2010

BIG live drawing dump

Last Thursday was simply awesome! I had my very first nude drawing lesson, I went there thinking it would be just another enrollment for this semester but it turned out to be a first real lesson. Clever me brought scetchbook... otherwise I would´ve been disappointed to death.
The teacher is really nice and YOUNG at first I thought the model would be our instructor - well after his pants touched the ground I was pretty sure this guy won´t teach a thing.
Anyway, sketches - like A LOT (all under 10 minutes couldn´t focus, needed to draw as much as possible, so I used the 15minute poses for a bunch of 30 second ones) it is by far not all but the few ones I like the most:

...and I was bored once at a really pointless "fine"art-lesson

And for the brave one who stayed through the whole post:

My Granny <3 no Idea how old I was, I could write so... around 5-8? dunno
She is eaten by... a holy leech!