Friday, March 26, 2010

BIG live drawing dump

Last Thursday was simply awesome! I had my very first nude drawing lesson, I went there thinking it would be just another enrollment for this semester but it turned out to be a first real lesson. Clever me brought scetchbook... otherwise I would´ve been disappointed to death.
The teacher is really nice and YOUNG at first I thought the model would be our instructor - well after his pants touched the ground I was pretty sure this guy won´t teach a thing.
Anyway, sketches - like A LOT (all under 10 minutes couldn´t focus, needed to draw as much as possible, so I used the 15minute poses for a bunch of 30 second ones) it is by far not all but the few ones I like the most:

...and I was bored once at a really pointless "fine"art-lesson

And for the brave one who stayed through the whole post:

My Granny <3 no Idea how old I was, I could write so... around 5-8? dunno
She is eaten by... a holy leech!

1 comment:

    Das gibts ja gar nicht, wie unglaublich du bist!! Dein erstes Aktzeichnen und dann gleich DAS!!!!! Ich bin echt sprachlos und auch etwas neidisch! Wie kann man denn so unglaublich talentiert sein, he, heeee, heeeee!!!!?????
    Also, Respekt, die sind wahnsinnig ausdrucksstark und wirklich gelungen, ich mach das schon ne halbe Ewigkeit und bin noch nicht so gut, wie du!