Thursday, February 4, 2010


CAPS LOCK for the sake of it!
Just received a mail from one of my lecturer, he´s ill so from now on I can consider myself FREE.
And what is probably the best way to celebrate that? Drawing of course - damn I missed that, these last days were hell...

From fresh to Mesozoic :O

Drew this just now - idk around 20 minutes

Secret-santa-thingy, people told me tales about something they called "anatomy"...mysteriously! (click for fullview)
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...used to be more grayish and dark, preferred that, people didn´t liked, changed it, me don´t like anymore (my english teacher died this very moment ._.).

Mr. Hitchcock, dedicated to Maria.
jeeeeez I hate him.


All for now - I feel a little more alive than usual.

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