Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Rather Small Animation Update

Hello once again, it's been a while but that's the way my boat floats (doesn't this sound ancient to native speakers?). Anyways the only things I was able to create these last weeks has been solely uni related stuff, boring, uninspired, old and hell aren't these great reasons to share it with the world?

So here we go, snippets from my motion design class.
First assignment to get into that class was to create a short film over a week while using an object "outside it's normal usage". I had some fish swimming in a light bulb…

All the frames in one picture:
…and it's moving:
The finished thing is ugly so I won't show it :P.

The week after that our next assignment: Two weeks for a 20 second film about "rgb" (rgb was to be interpreted any way we wanted).


My main character:

…beeing classy:

And some stills:

As you might've noticed mine was some crude stop motion-digital-traditional-mash up.

And this weeks task we had to do a fake image spot for any produkt we wanted - 3 weeks, I like the little critters (oh what is sleep…), stills:

Now I have to face a one-week break till my next assignment (for this class that is…).
As a bonus have my desktop during the last project (all the relevant things are marked):

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